Town Covid-19 Guidelines

UpdatedSaturday March 27, 2021 byRVYSA.


River Vale Youth Soccer Association (RVYSA)
COVID-19 Program Plan
Spring 2021
General Policies:

● No player may participate in any RVYSA event without a completed COVID-19
Disclosure Acknowledgement and Waiver. RVYSA events include all recreational
practices, games, clinics or other activities.

Click HERE if you need a copy of the River Vale Covid-19 Waiver

Please fill out and send a scanned copy to or put in an envelope and drop it off at Town Hall ATTN: Athletics Dept.   If you already signed a waiver for another sport in town for your child you do not have to sign a new one.  We will look it up for you.

● All parents must be familiar with the CDC guidance on signs and symptoms of
● No player, coach, referee or spectator may participate in any RVYSA activities if:
- they have received a recent positive COVID-19 test and have not been
symptom-free for 14 days;
- they have known COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cold-like symptoms, shortness of
breath, coughing, etc.);
- they have been quarantined due to a close contact or at the direction of the
Health Department or School District
● Parents must immediately advise the Clinic Director if their child meets any of the above
criteria and the RVYSA will determine the appropriate quarantine period from the
● Spectator attendance must comply with State law limits on outdoor gatherings and
cannot exceed the then-valid maximum capacity. Each field will have designated areas
for spectators (see below) and spectators must maintain 6 feet separation within these
● Spectators are expected to wear a cloth or other mask while attending all RVYSA
● Players are expected to wear a mask when not actively playing (on the sideline &
before/after games/practices/clinic sessions)
● Coaches must have a mask or gaiter on them at all times and must cover their face
anytime they are within 6 feet of a player, referee or coach
● No high fives or handshakes
● Players must bring their own personal water bottle and may not be shared
● Players must bring their own soccer ball and may not be shared
Clinic Protocols:
● Clinic sessions and fields should be set up to maximize social distancing. Clinics will be
broken up into small groups to limit the number of people at the field at one time.
● All players will have temperature checked before accessing the field. Anyone with a
fever higher than 100.4 degrees fahrenheit will not be allowed to participate in the
session for that day.
● Spectators must be instructed to move to the designated viewing areas.
● If a player/team arrives and the session before them has not been cleared out, they must
remain away from the field until the field is completely cleared.
● Players/coaches/spectators should quickly leave the field area after each session.

● The RVYSA Board will implement mandatory training of all coaches on this policy and
coaches may not attend any RVYSA event without having attending the training
● The RVBSA reserves the right to update or amend these policies at any time, at its sole
● Any questions about the interpretation of this policy or any concerns about violations
should be immediately directed to the President, RVYSA.
● Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action including but not limited to
removal of the violating player/spectator from the RVYSA program.